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4 Steps to a Great Children’s Birthday Party

partyThere’s no better day for a child than their birthday. With presents, reminders of love and celebration, and the prospect of fun, games, and sweets on the horizon, children love birthdays. And what better way to celebrate than with a birthday party?

There are many ways to make a child’s birthday party a blast, but without proper planning, a fun and carefree celebration can escalate to disaster, quickly.

But worry not! We’ve provided a foolproof list of steps for how to make your child’s birthday party an event to remember.

    1. Guests
      How many people do you plan to invite to your kid’s birthday party? The number of guests will determine the amount of food you need, whether or not you need to rent chairs, and a number of other factors. As a rule, many families follow the “age plus one” philosophy. For example, if a child is turning five, then invite six guests to the party.


    1. Budget
      How much do you plan to spend for the big celebration? If you don’t plan carefully, it can add up fast. For example, a recent poll on reported that parents who threw their children first birthday parties spent an average of $500 on the soiree. Keep costs down by making smart purchasing decisions — decide on one or two means of entertainment, and consolidate food choices so that they are fun, filling, and free of waste.


    1. Food
      Naturally, you need to offer refreshments to your guests. But since it’s a celebration, you’re going to want quick, hand-held treats that are both fun and delicious. Instead of providing a cake, why not get a chocolate fountain instead? Chocolate fountains are devices that help serve chocolate fondue. With this, you can provide cookies, fruit, and pieces of cake, making dessert time easy, handheld, delicious, and tons of fun.


  1. Entertainment
    Speaking of fun, how will you keep the kids occupied? If you’re hosting an outdoor affair, you may want to consider a bounce house rental. Bounce houses are fun for children and adults alike; a 10×10 foot bouncy castle can fit in 10 grown adults! This leaves lots of room for fun, laughs, and countless memories to be made.
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