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Party Rentals — When is it Time to Let the Pros Help? Plus Some Other Ideas For Your Upcoming Party

when to consider a party rentalNot sure when to consider a party rental service? No worries, here are some fast facts and tips about when it’s best to let the professionals handle your party for you. Some ideas and facts about the party rentals industry and the types of party rentals you might find to be beneficial to you are:

Bounce Houses! A 15′ by 15′ bounce house can happily fit 10 children or four adults inside of it. Perfect if you happen to have a medium-to-large sized party for your child or if you and three of your friends want to mix things up a little bit. Bounce house rentals are fun and worry-free, so long as you don’t pop holes in them! The kids wouldn’t like that very much either, as you can probably imagine.

A chocolate fountain! Yes, you’re reading that right! A chocolate fountain typically consists of a stepped cone that’s two to four feet tall and has a crown at the top with stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom. Rest assured — your guests won’t have any complaints about a chocolate fountain.

An outdoor/indoor tent! Why not rent a large tent and throw a crazy party inside? This isn’t the tent you might think of were someone to say “camping,” but one of the larger tents you might see doubling as a merchandise area out in the parking lot of a sports stadium. They do take a while to set up… Usually around four hours or more, but they’re well worth it for the cost and for how much fun they provide.

Regardless of what sort of flavor or theme you’re looking to add to your party, surely, you can find it for purchase or for rent. There are a million reasons to rent a bounce house, and there is no shortage of chocolate fountain dipping ideas for you and your friends to try out.

If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

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