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Tips and Tricks to Have the Perfect Beach Wedding

eventThere’s nothing quite as romantic as a beach wedding. With the sea-salt air, the rhythmic lapping of the waves, and the sun reflecting wildly on the water on the horizon, getting married on the beach can feel like the perfect fairy tale. Statistics show that approximately 35% of all weddings these days are outdoors, and beach weddings make up a large majority of these outdoor events. Yet to make a beach wedding successful, a lot of planning needs to take place.

Like any wedding, the amount of guests needs to be determined (the average is 136 per wedding), invitations and save-the-dates have to be sent out, menus have to be chosen, and of course, budgeting needs to occur. In addition to all of the basics, a beach wedding event requires a certain attention to detail that absolutely cannot be ignored.

Check out these inside tips for the beach wedding of your dreams:

Prepare your guests for the surf and turf
While the sand can make for a beautiful wedding setting, it isn’t a surface that works well for high heels or other kinds of dress shoes. Provide a place where guests can remove their shoes and, as a favor, offer customized sandals to keep their feet cozy during the ceremony.

The beach can also be host to a series of unpredictable weather patterns, such as strong breezes and intense sunlight. To help guests remain as comfortable as possible, provide an offering of shawls, sunglasses favors, and drinks to help keeps guests happy during the reception.

Get Creative With Decor
Many think that beach weddings have to be traditional, but in truth, their unconventional setting lends to a great deal of creativity. Tent rentals can create a caravan feel, making your getaway beach wedding feel even more intimate and magical. But be sure to take ample time to set up, as it can take four hours to assemble a 40 by 80 feet tent. On top of your chair rentals, try draping taffeta in soft, sea foam hues that will have every guest feeling like they’re a part of the sea romance!

Enjoy Your Wedding
Above all, don’t forget to relax, and enjoy the big day with your partner and the ones you love.

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