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Why Renting is the Answer to Your Party

party rental ideasWith Pinterest running rampant these days, throwing the perfect, creative party is almost expected, and along with throwing the perfect, creative party comes a lot of money spending.

When your fourth child is turning one and won’t remember a thing about the party, it’s hard to even want to shell out all that money on buying all kinds of new contraptions to impress everyone else. It’s a kids’ party, isn’t it? Research shows that the majority of surveyed parents spent more than $500 on their child’s first birthday. But what about just having fun? Kids have fun doing anything, but it’s the parents that need entertaining.

Buying part supplies can be expensive, but what about renting equipment? There are a million party rental ideas that you could pull from. This article will simply help you understand the benefits of doing so, and how it can be done.

Why Renting is Best

  1. You can pick the number of hours you want the equipment for and pay by the hour, which is a money saver compared to buying something.
  2. Someone at the company will usually handle the drop off and pick up and sometimes even clean up.
  3. After the party, you never have to see it again.

These are just a few reasons, but they are reasons enough as to why you should utilize the wonderful world of party rentals.

Party Rental Ideas
Here are a few ideas of things you could possibly rent for your party:

  1. Bounce house rentals for older kids
  2. Chocolate fountain arrangements for a princess party
  3. Cotton candy machine for a carnival theme
  4. A clown for a circus party
  5. Chiavari chair rentals for a more elegant party
  6. A petting zoo or several animals to make your own petting zoo
  7. Superheros for — well — a superhero theme

When to Rent
Kids’ parties aren’t the only time that it’s a good idea to rent equipment or entertainment, it’s just the only time we probably do not think about it. Here are some other times when it would be appropriate to rent:

  1. Weddings
    The venue, the tux, and the church are all regular things to rent, but what about:

    • chairs
    • tables
    • the dance floor
    • the DJ
    • centerpieces
    • table and chair linens

    Almost everything at a wedding can be rented. The average wedding usually has a little under 150 guests. Trying to buy everything to accommodate everyone would be pretty outrageous. Renting, on the other hand, can get you a very good deal. If you are having your wedding outside, as 35% of weddings are, you can also rent heaters or a sprinkler system, depending on the type of weather you are expecting.

  2. Fundraisers
    The best thing about renting for fundraisers is that you can ask the company to discount the rental fees of any party rental ideas you may have. If you are fundraising for a good cause, companies will probably be more than happy to offer you a cheaper rate in exchange for adding their name to the sponsors. Also, the rest of the fee can be written off on the company’s taxes.
  3. Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceneras, and Proms
    Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceneras, and Proms all have one thing in common: they’re a big deal. They require a lot of planning, equipment, entertainment and money. Having the option to rent the equipment as opposed to having to buy everything is a huge burden off your shoulders.

With everything else that you will be needing to do, having some of the items rented can cut down not only on money, but on time, too. Renting could be the answer for every event in your life, really.

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